The wiring was a disaster.
Most had to be replaced


 All new glass panels in the rear.
The fenders are special wide glass to accept the modern suspension
New glass front one piece clip.
Held in place ready for glue.
Completed body along side of completed frame.  Note late model suspension.
New crate engine installed with drive train and new gas tank.
Going back together. Note cement blocks on body to keep it level.
"Jammed" and masked in booth.
Ready for final paint.
Ready for chrome pieces, tires, wheels and interior.  Close to
a test run.
One very dirty and dinged
Engine bay brought back to life.
Note all wires hidden and all holes filled.
Beautiful upgraded and restored engine in place. Looking good!
Jammed and masked in the booth. Ready for final paint.
Ready for a ton of chrome re installation, tires, wheels and a test run.
Monster stripes going on. Tough job if you want it to look good.
Pretty beat up 70 Cuda auto
with a 440 engine.
Engine bay brought back to life.
All wires hidden. All holes filled.
Beautiful full race supercharged
440 engine.  Note blower box.
Inside the secret blower box.
regulator inside to adjust gas pressure to blower pressure.
Trick "tubs". inboard well cut out and move further inboard with a filler piece between them.
9" spooled Ford installation.
Gear were 4:56. Springs moved inboard also.
16 gal fuel cell and trunk mounted battery. Muffin fans to exhaust possible gas fumes.
After market buckets, 5 point harness, roll bar and a slew of extra gauges.
Completed engine compartment
leaving little room for anything else. Note vacuum reservoir extreme left.
Jammed, masked and ready for final paint.
Only black car I've ever painted.
Ready for all the remaining chrome parts.
Beautiful. Note big "meats" on rear wheels.  When started, the house shook a bunch.
Very ratty, dinged and bent
57 Chevy truck.
Lots of body work to get it flat.
Special heavy primer to aid in flat final sanding.
Out of the booth and ready for
final assembly.
Late model Chevy sport side bed.  Looks better on the 57 truck than the truck it came off of.
My design. 1 1/2" pipe bent to design with a conduit bender.
Note Bondo on all weld joints.
Rolling frame. VW front end.
Olds Toronado reversed and installed in the rear.
Ever wonder what a Turbo 425 looks like? Note skid plate for desert use.
Walker brakes, auto shifter, hyd throttle and hyd press shutoff to front brakes for sand use. Note torsion bars suspension.
Upgraded and restored 426 Olds
power plant.

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