In the automotive world of muscle cars, hot rods, collectible cars, street racers, gear jammers, drifters, rice rockets,etc., etc., and on and on - - -
There is nothing as great as tooling down the street in a bright red Road Runner with monster
stripes and loud mufflers.   Jerking around at red lights, staging, jumping and making a fool of yourself..  I love it!!!!  I don't care what you think.. Either it's in your blood or you're normal!!  Talk about attention.  The older normal guys love it and wish they had one to act foolish with. The other guys who dabble in the game give you thumbs up. A wicked run through town without getting caught by the man is what it's all about.
The hell with the gas mileage, forget about the neighbor who thinks you're a nut case..  To hell  with all of them.  You're a hot rod and that all there is to it..  You'll be one till you die!!  It keeps you YOUNG!!!!!!   Enjoy life!!!!!  Burn some rubber!!!!


Just a quick note regarding this photo.  To accomplish good shop completions you need AIR. Lot of it - - For almost any kind of tool you can think of.  Look past those Sears junkers with 5 HP motors that are 6" in dia.. Go to Harbor Freight and get a compressor pump that has 175 psi at 17. cfm.  Get a REAL  5 HP electric motor from Grainger,,, And, ( now to the photo ), find somebody with an old discarded propane tank laying around in their yard that they would love to get rid of.  Tank in photo is 150 gal and is an astounding 1/4" thick.  Put a drain in the bottom - And guess what??  You got a fantastic air receiver tank..  Build your compressor from scratch, as I've stated, and you'll never look back.... I can send you some construction pics of a dandy compressor project if you need some insight before building one yourself..

Also - Everything you see can be bought!!  ( Except my Wife ) - - So, if you see something you may be interested in purchasing, whip me out a quick email and inquire on the price..
OK - - The bottom line and my next to last photo on the web site. has it's own dedicated computer satellite station located in the back corner of the shop..
Keep those tires smoking!!!  It's American!!
Last - But certainly not least - Is a picture of this website's team. My partner, my best friend for the past 37 years and my wife!!!!..

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